O2O Market | Ideafest 2019
Jakarta Convention Center
6 October 2019

O2O Market  by Blibli

3-6 October 2019

The Big Start Indonesia Season 4

Showcase of Top 20 Finalists’ Products

The Big Start Indonesia Season 4 is a competition from Blibli.com which aims to give a chance for Indonesian creativepreneurs to develop their businesses. The finalists were chosen from thousands of applicants from different areas of Indonesia.

O2O Market in IDEAFEST is an effort of collaboration by Blibli.com to help the finalists develop their businesses through networking and other collaborations related to the professionals in the industry.

Launching "Special Project Collaboration"

Special Project Collaboration is a special project which collaborates Indonesia creativepreneurs with local influencers. These are: Cindercella x Chiel Shoes, Karina Basrewan x Lathanza, Maria Karina x Reederma, Chef Juna x Pipiltin Cocoa, Elxi Elvina x KAR, Bunga Jelita x Annprada, Si Juki x The Bunny Tales, Sabai Dieter x Watt, Kemas Acil x Kaloka, Paola Tambunan x Moodswing, Hari Prast x Kanva, and Chawrelia x Twigsberrydill.

Grand Final

Announcement for The Big Start Indonesia Season 4 winner, a prestigious local creativepreneur competition with total prize more than 1,3 billion Rupiah!

Art Installation

Find out the coolest photo spots in the area!


Relax at O2O Market by Blibli.com and enjoy special performances from local musicians.

Shop to Win

Shop at The Big Start Indonesia Season 4’s O2O Market, collect the stamps, and get a chance to win special prize by playing “wind chamber games”!