Awarding Night | Ideafest 2019
Jakarta Convention Center
6 October 2019

Awarding Night

3-6 October 2019

This year, Astra collaborated again with IdeaFest and it corresponds with a decade of SATU Indonesia Awards. Astra hoped to be able to spread the inspirational collaboration into a wider range to give positive impact through inspiring the young Indonesian (or youth) to make a better change for Indonesia. This program is also a tangible form of Astra's goal, to become the nation's pride and in accordance with this year's theme of IdeaFest, which is "Age of Pride."

Astra initiated the SATU Indonesia Awards program together with Youth Pledge Day (Hari Sumpah Pemuda). This program is an appreciation for the young generation who give a powerful impact for their surroundings. Astra believes that the future is on the young generation’s hand.

National Recipients
Provincial Recipients

There are 53 national recipients and 192 provincial recipients of SATU Indonesia Awards who have worked in various categories such as Health, Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Group.

This year, Astra will give the appreciation for the young generation who worked on those categories in the Awarding Night in IdeaFest 2019. Furthermore, compared to the previous year, the IdeaFest inspirational talk will be attended by the recipients of SATU Indonesia Awards as the interviewees. There is also a guest judge for the 10th SATU Indonesia Awards 2019, Dian Sastrowardoyo, on the inspirational talk that will be held on 5 October 2019.

To keep the quality of the 10th SATU Indonesia Awards 2019, Astra work together with the experts in several fields: Health, Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship, and Technology which incorporated as the Judge.


Prof. Nila Moeloek

Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Prof. Emil Salim

Lecturer in Environmental Sciences Postgraduate Study University of Indonesia

Prof. Fasli Jalal

Professor of the Postgraduate Study State University of Jakarta

Ir. Tri Mumpuni

Founder of the Institute of Business and Democratic Economy

Onno W. Purbo Ph.D.

Expert in Information Technology

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Artist / Guest Judge

Riza Deliansyah

Deputy Chief of Corporate Communications Astra

Boy Kelana Soebroto

Head of Corporate Communications Astra